Studio Session



Lara Williams is a visual artist living and working in Iowa City, Iowa. Her work encompasses a range of styles but typically is influenced by masters across movements, including Pierre Bonnard, Henri Matisse, Charles Demuth, and Helen Frankenthaler, among others.

Artist Statement

I am particularly drawn toward architecture and the structures of our man made environment because they are an incredible source of dynamic composition and they can offer a wealth of emotional interpretations. Walls undulate and surface planes come together and pass over one another to create intriguing geometrical contours that stop me in my tracks. In fact, the moments where a painting is the most successful for me are when I’m looking at and enamored with what I’m seeing to the point of feeling a strong urgency to recreate it. Those are the instances when I want to examine more closely what I am feeling and how those feelings are tethered to the nuances of the light refracting and exploiting the colors and shapes around me.